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Tab Healthcare

the search for insights

We are trusted experts in healthcare and certain that our extensive knowledge will add value to your project. Our track record speaks for us. After years working as qualitative healthcare researchers and holding senior management positions in internationally renowned companies of the sector, we decided to create TAB because we wanted to offer a personal and excellence-based service. And over 10 years later, TAB is consolidated as one of the sector’s benchmark companies in Spain.

We work towards one goal: ensuring the success of your research project. To do so, we have created an outstanding in-house team that works together to provide all the services you need for your qualitative projects. We will accompany you from the initial phase, helping you to best design your project in Spain and implementing all the services you need. Our success lies in the fact that all people on our team have an extraordinary knowledge of the Spanish healthcare system, and we all share a vision to secure your maximum satisfaction.

We love what we do and our clients can tell. Our passion for medical research and a job well done is what sets our company apart. Since the creation of TAB the number of companies trusting in our services has grown and our clients are completely satisfied with the professionalism and enthusiasm we bring to all projects. And they trust our ability to take on challenges and incorporate innovation.

We aim to be your key ally in your qualitative pharmaceutical projects in Spain.

Elisabet Beltran + Marta Tallada
Co-founders and Directors
Tab Healthcare


Your qualitative healthcare experts in Spain

We’re a multidisciplinary team that offers you all the in-house services you need for your qualitative study
01. Project Management

Taking care of all your needs in Spain

Tab Healthcare Project Management service
We aim to make your life easier

Our team is entirely geared towards meeting your requirements in Spain, an extension of your own team. We know you need real healthcare experts, attentive to each and every detail, who are fully in control of implementing your project. Our team’s passion and expertise mean that we bring a unique and creative flair to every research project, breaking barriers to meet the most challenging requirements.
02. Recruitment

Ensuring the best respondents for your studies

We aim to listen to the right people so you understand our market

This is why we have a vast database with physicians from all medical specialties, as well as an extensive variety of targets from the healthcare context. Additionally, our team of recruiters work hand in hand with the PMs and moderators, and are fully aware of the client’s needs. Furthermore, after each project the moderator provides feedback on each respondent to guarantee total control of our database.
Tab Healthcare Recruitment service
03. Moderation

Delivering powerful insights

We aim to dig deeper to enlighten you

We have a team of in-house moderators who commit completely to your project. Marta Tallada and Elisabet Beltran, the company founders, head up the TAB team of moderators. With over 15 years of experience behind us, we have become a point of reference for healthcare moderation in Spain. In addition to the traditional methodologies, we put our knowledge and thinking at your service to continuously innovate and apply new breakthrough techniques. We love interacting with all participants and learning from every study.
Tab Healthcare Moderation service
04. Translation

Facilitating perfect comprehension

We aim to go beyond translating words and phrases

Both our translators and interpreters capture the nuances and adapt them to the Spanish market context. Our in-depth knowledge of medical market research ensures optimal translation, so crucial to gaining successful results. But additionally, our translators work as a team alongside the project managers, recruiters and moderators to make sure the objective of your study is understood perfectly. Thus, we can turn our full attention to carrying through your project in the certainty that nothing gets lost in translation.
Tab Healthcare Translation service
05. Analysis

Elaborating key insights for your report

We aim to transform the oral discourse into clear, structured and meaningful information for you

We want to help you unravel the relevant findings of your study in our market and to do so we are fully aware of our need to adapt to any type of deliverable you may need. After many years of experience we know that every client is different and every project has its peculiarities. Which is why we place our analysis skills at your service, to understand what you need and provide you with it in the format that suits you best. Just tell us what you need and we’ll do the rest.
Tab Healthcare Analysis service
06. Design Thinking

Willing to experience innovation and break moulds

Tab Healthcare Design Thinking service
We aim to think differently to help you win over your clients

The pharmaceutical industry is increasingly open to breaking away from the classic market research patterns. We’re working on projects with innovative methodologies (video diaries using smartphones, use of apps to collect experiences, immediate conference feedback, in-facility simulation of physician and patient visits, etc.). We are always motivated to discover new ways of working and applying the latest technology to qualitative research. Let us create the best team for your cutting-edge studies.


A fantastic facility in the heart of Barcelona

We aim to make you feel at home while getting the most out of your CL day

We want to help you feel at ease in our facility to ensure that you obtain the best from your research in a pleasant and professional atmosphere. Our viewing facility is fully equipped to offer an excellent service and the utmost comfort. And we always make sure that any special requirements you may have are duly attended by our hosting team. On top of this, our offices are located in the heart of Barcelona, next to the Cathedral in the Gothic quarter and within walking distance from the sea. A very convenient location, well connected to the airport and with a wide range of services. It’s an ideal place to relax and enjoy the city after a long CL day.

All our rooms are interconnected so that you can use them in whatever way suits you best.


A truly motivated team ;-)

Tab Healthcare Team. Marta Tallada
Tab Healthcare Team. Elisabet Beltrán
Tab Healthcare Team. Marga Cosano
Tab Healthcare Team. Anna Farré
Tab Healthcare Team. Didac Gregori
Tab Healthcare Team. Nestor Domènech
Tab Healthcare Team. Marta Ybargüengoitia
Tab Healthcare Team. Irene Piqueras
Tab Healthcare Team. Pili Soler
Tab Healthcare Team. Sofía Safdar


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