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Inside TAB Healthcare

The impact of Covid-19 on healthcare research
April 15, 2020

At TAB we like talking with people and listening to their opinions. This is why, during this healthcare crisis, we are trying to understand to what extent our collaborators consider that it’s an appropriate time for market research. For this, we’ve designed a short survey to see how they feel and what they think. We’ve obtained a good response rate (n=514) and we’ve been able to confirm that, despite the critical situation, most healthcare professionals want to continue to be invited to participate in our projects.

You can access the results of our questionnaire by clicking on this link.

TAB Healthcare – Survey COVID-19 (1st)

Besides, we’ve been able to hear their recommendations. On the one hand, it’s necessary to adapt research studies to the new circumstances. To avoid the pandemic spread, we must keep the proper social distance and therefore, the F2F methodology is currently not feasible. On the other hand, the high workload of healthcare professionals and the uncertain working schedules force us to be patient and flexible with timings. Also, we can’t forget that our collaborators are locked down at home too, and many of them are struggling to balance teleworking with family life, which is often a challenge!

At TAB we have changed our usual way of working. In general, all projects are running normally and successfully. The conversion of F2F methodologies to online studies is working very well. Our collaborators have easily adapted to the change and claim to be satisfied with their participation in our projects. It seems that market research is helping normalise their daily life, and they are happy to see that the industry continues to work and research. They have even told us that talking with our moderators about subjects other than Covid-19 means a welcome diversion for them.

We keep listening to the proposals of our collaborators and we ensure we do everything respectfully and with all our characteristic care. In such critical times, we believe we must be sensitive and thank more than ever the extra effort some professionals are making to participate in our projects.